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SASSI the Squirrel provides Sexual Abuse & Safety Skills Informationboard game is an excellent tool to use either at home, school, or in a counselling setting. 

This game is designed to educate children, parents, counsellors, teachers, and other concerned adults about sexual abuse & safety skills. Talking to children about a serious subject can be difficult and uncomfortable. Luckily this quick, fun, and sensitive game will make those concerns disappear. Teach kids about the real dangers they may face & what they can do if they are ever in those situations. 

This game is recommended for:

Children over 6 years of age regardless of whether or not the child has experienced sexual abuse.

Teens or adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

All professionals (including counsellors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, health care workers, mental health workers, and child & youth workers) who work with children or teens who have been sexually abused. Psychoeducation about sexual abuse is the first step of treatment for children & teens who have experienced sexual abuse. This game presents this information in a sensitive and educational manner that makes children or teens more comfortable in the counselling session.   Excellent tool for experienced or non-experienced workers in the field of sexual abuse.




How the game works:

Players will begin at the "start" cloud & move along the game board answering questions from the cards & collecting plastic chips along the way until the first player crosses the "finish" cloud.  The questions on the cards focus on what other children might be thinking or feeling, so the game makes it more comfortable for children to participate without feeling like they are in the spotlight. 

Children will learn about sexual abuse, feelings, tricks & lies that abusers use to lure children and keep children from telling anyone about the abuse, safety skills, coping skills, and unsafe situations. 

Game includes:
  - 1 game board
  - 80 cards with both   
    questions & answers
  - 4 pawns
  - 100 plastic chips
  - 1 die
  - instruction booklet

Requirements to play this game:
No prior sexual abuse knowledge is needed to play this game. All of the information about sexual abuse and safety skills is provided in the game. 

Easy to play - sensitive & educational.
The most valuable game you'll ever play!!!

Warning: Choking hazard - game contains small parts. Keep away from children under 3 years old.

For ages 6 and older.
For 2 - 4 players.

Price: $39.95